Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Heeding the call to duty for an unprecedented, motivated grassroots army made by Sen. Cruz as "the only way" to stop Obamacare, I established DOA-Defund Obamacare Alliance in the first week of August.
I mistakenly believed the mission would end, one way or another, around October 1st. Though the first skirmish has ended, the battle is far from over and the outcome is still up for grabs. Make no mistake about it: Victory or defeat, liberty or tyranny, freedom or slavery, survival or death of the world's last, best hope for mankind is at stake.
I became discouraged and frustrated by active opposition by leaders of my local 912 group based upon personality, not on principles. I was disappointed by unfulfilled promises of help made by long time 'friends' from within the tea party movement. "Very busy" was the common excuse. The absence of motivation to stop Obamacare baffled me. Words without action was not what I had come to expect from a movement born in opposition to an overreaching federal government; a movement that coalesced and grew behind opposition to what became Obamacare. I was told by a paid representative of one of the several, national organizations with "Tea Party" in their name that they could not be affiliated with DOA beacause I and DOA were "not grassroots."
Several times I was ready to chuck it all, but encouragement and the occasional pep talk from a few, hard working patriots kept me going. I thank those true friends of the cause for liberty.
I am no longer discouraged, frustrated, disappointed nor baffled; though lack of motivation to stop the most destructive federal piece of legislation in the history of the nation is telling.
We are regrouping. We are renewing the call for committed, motivated patriots who understand what is at stake to join us. We are marching forward with a new campaign, with a new strategy* and a renewed sense of purpose.
Spread the word! Invite the willing. Rededicate, reenlist, reaffirm.

*Details upcoming

Your servant in liberty,