Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Own Backyard

Listening to Roseanne Barr the other day, trying to justify her reaction to the pornographic Hustler Magazine photo-shop of SE Cupp by saying, "That's how it is now, that's how things are...(that) was my point," I didn't believe her. Things can't be as bad as she claims.  She followed with a premise to validate her point:

Somehow in America we've all gotten together and given our consent that you can go as low as possible. And that's both people, both sides' fault - to keep on writing on these polarizing issues that divide the American people....--Roseanne Barr

That's when I knew something was wrong.  I mean, how did I miss that meeting?  No one ever asked me for my consent  So I decided to hold a little online get together to see if "all" Americans had given their "consent that you can go as low as possible."  It shouldn't take a large meeting to invalidate that premise.  I'm pretty sure there are more than a few folks who would withhold their consent and it only takes a few dissenters to break the "we've all gotten together and given our consent" cabal.

But then I wondered; just where would that leave dissenters?"  Is it enough to just withhold our consent, or is there more that needs to be done?  That's when I decided to start a campaign to Clean Up Our Own Backyard.  For purposes of this campaign, Our Own Backyard is defined as the conservative realm, i.e., conservative blogs, websites, Facebook pages, etc., AND their comment sections, plus email groups and lists that profess conservative values, principles, ideas and political causes. 

I'm certain many of you have seen the vile, offensive and distasteful comments, cartoons and personal attacks emanating from Our Own Backyard, as well as the countless forwarded emails that, despite containing little or no facts, spread like wildfire, seemingly impossible to put out.  No doubt, some of this bilge is the product of trolls.  Yet, as residents of Our Own Backyard, they deserve to be called out just as much as our wayward brethren on the left.  Now I have no desire to infringe upon anyone's First Amendment rights.  However, when conservative principles of honesty, integrity, civility, character and personal responsibility are put aside in order to trash political opponents, Our Own Backyard becomes a garbage dump.  

So, here's the game plan.  Whenever we see an offensive or untruthful posting coming from Our Own Backyard, one that fails to uphold the values we, as conservatives profess to admire, say we believe in and argue for, and claim the 'other side' lacks, politely point out to the poster that it is not beneficial to our cause to behave in an identical manner as those we oppose.  

Helping to Clean Up Our Own Backyard could go a long way toward convincing the unconvinced and  persuadable to join our cause.  And besides, it's the Right thing to do.

Help Us Clean Up Our Own Backyard